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at Mobile County Personnel Board

Posted: 9/24/2019
Job Status: Full Time,Part Time,Contract/Temporary,Seasonal
Job Reference #: 2334646
Keywords: electrical

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

General Information

This is technical and supervisory work in the performance of skilled sub-professional engineering tasks in the office or field.

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EXAMINATIONIMPORTANT NOTICE TO APPLICANTS. READ CAREFULLY.  No written or oral examination will be required.  Applicants will be scored on the basis of an evaluation of their education, training, experience and personal qualifications as outlined by the candidates' sworn statements in their application, upon corroborative evidence obtained by investigation and the applicants' responses to the job-specific Supplemental Questions. Applicants must provide all background information and supportive documents as requested on the application, supplemental questions and job posting.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS:  Graduation from a standard senior high school, or the successful completion of the General Educational Development (GED) test, supplemented by two years of college level coursework in land surveying, civil engineering or related field, and a minimum of five years experience in sub-professional engineering work; or a combination of education and experience equivalent to these requirements.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENT:  May be required to possess a valid driver's license from state of residence.
ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS OF THE WORKThorough knowledge of the principles and practices of land surveying and drafting; thorough knowledge of real estate and land title practices and law; thorough knowledge of mathematics, including algebra, geometry and trigonometry; thorough knowledge of the materials, methods and techniques of public works construction; skill in the accurate use of surveying and drafting instruments; good knowledge of engineering practices; ability to plan, assign and supervise the work of others; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with consultants, contractors, other employees and the general public.


EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Any one position may not include all of the duties listed nor do the listed examples include all tasks which may be found in positions of this class.) Gathers engineering field data to submit to engineering consultants for preparation of plans and specifications on engineering, architectural, electrical and mechanical designs for public works, the Mobile Housing Board or community development projects; reviews and analyzes plans and specifications for public works or utility construction; coordinates work activities with engineering consultants and private utility companies to insure timely removal or installation of overhead and underground utility line designs; reviews preliminary plans and testing procedures for construction; inspects construction in progress; performs intermediate, final and re-inspections; performs enforcement duties for non-compliant sites; locates vacant or un-permitted sites for land disturbance activities; investigates insurance claims as requested; performs damage assessments on public and private structures following natural disasters; assists with the documentation of capital improvement projects for compliance with plans and specifications; assists with the preparation of pay estimates for various capital improvement projects; assigns addresses; maintains street and subdivision records; performs bridge inspections; administers repetitive services procured through outside vendors; maintains a library of construction and equipment documents; performs purchasing activities; maintains records and prepares detailed reports on work activities; prepares ordinances for public hearings on street construction, sanitary sewer installation and sidewalks; investigates complaints involving a variety of public works projects; makes topographic surveys for preparing plans to pave city streets; surveys for drainage improvements and construction of culverts and bridges; makes surveys to acquire right-of-way for roads and drainage easements; stakes out construction projects; stakes right-of-way of existing drainage easements for clearing and cleaning ditches; establishes line and grade for pipe to be laid by public works department; performs related work as required.

Important Information

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE WORK:  An employee in this class performs highly specialized and complex sub-professional engineering work or directs subordinate engineering technicians engaged in such technical duties as surveying, drafting, engineering inspections or materials testing. The factor distinguishing Engineering Technicians III from Engineering Technicians IV is that they do not have the same degree of supervisory responsibilities. Work is performed in accordance with established guidelines and procedures under the direction of a superior who makes general assignments and later checks for compliance with standards and schedules.


Documents are not automatically attached to your JobOpps account (profile).  You must select and attach required documents to every application through the attachments tab on the application screen when you are applying.
All applications must be submitted online through the Mobile County Personnel Board JobOpps site.
Paper applications will not be accepted and will be returned.
An email address is required for all applications.  For information on obtaining an email address, visit the FAQs link on the Job Opportunities page at  The Mobile County Personnel Board does not endorse any particular provider.
Accuracy and truthfulness are of primary importance for Merit System employment and all applications are reviewed with this in mind.  Errors, omissions and inaccurate information on the application will be construed as an incomplete application and will result in rejection of the application.  Therefore, special attention should be given to each and every question and every attempt made to answer each correctly. 
Resumes will not be accepted in place of completing the education and experience sections of the application. 
Applications must be complete and all required or supplemental documents (college transcripts, driver's license, and/or certifications) must be attached at the time of submitting the application.  See the job posting and the supplemental questions for required documents for each job posting. 
If needed, computers and scanners are available in our office
at 1809 Government Street, Mobile, Alabama. 
Our office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday, except for major holidays.
Only one application will be accepted per applicant per job posting. 
Subsequent applications submitted for the same job posting will be rejected.

College transcripts, where required or otherwise to be considered, must be attached as part of completing an application.  Grade reports, computer downloads of grades, and diplomas are not transcripts and will not be considered.  Transcripts must be either an official or student copy issued by the educational institution.  See the College Transcript Information link on the Job Opportunities page at for additional information and requirements regarding educational transcripts.
OPEN TO:  All who meet the requirements as set forth in the job posting and who may lawfully be appointed to a position.  Applicants for sworn law enforcement positions must be U.S. citizens.
RESIDENCE REQUIREMENTS:  Unless otherwise stated in the job posting or supplemental questions, there are no residence requirements in order to apply.  Applicants must bear all expenses incurred in reporting for testing or appointment.  Upon appointment, the law gives the right to each Appointing Authority (Employer) to fix any further legal requirements regarding residence. 
FINAL DATE FOR FILING APPLICATION:  The completed application should be returned as soon as possible.  In the event of tied scores, Rule 8.1 dictates that ties will be broken by the order in which applications are filed.  Applications must be submitted by the final filing date and time specified on the job posting.
VETERANS PREFERENCE:  For complete information on Veterans Preference points on an open competitive application, view the Veterans Information link on the Job Opportunities page at
MEDICAL EXAMINATION:  Eligibles selected for appointment must meet the established medical and physical standards for the class of work.  The medical examination must be by one of the physicians designated by the Personnel Board.  Appointees must bear the cost of the examination. 
The Mobile County Personnel Department reserves the right to limit the number of applicants summoned for interview.  In such instances, a preliminary appraisal of qualifications, as indicated by the completed application, will be utilized as a guide in the selection of candidates to be summoned. 
Aid and assistance in the examination procedure is available for the visually or otherwise disabled.  Assistance may be requested by contacting the Mobile County Personnel Board at 251-470-7727. 
A "Practice Test Seminar" is held in the Personnel Department Office, 1809 Government Street, Mobile, Alabama, at 9:00 a.m. on the third Wednesday of every month.   The purpose of these seminars is to acquaint applicants or interested citizens with design format and procedures utilized by the department in its administration of written test selection devices.  Inasmuch as testing facilities are limited, the seminars will be on a first come, first served basis, as long as space remains available. 
NOTICE:  The continuing eligibility for appointment of those who secure a place on the eligible list is subject to future changes in specifications.